What is Corporate Storytelling

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An explanation of corporate storytelling begins with the understanding of what storytelling is. Storytelling is the tool that connects people to the way in which people naturally communicate. Whether it is your life or your workplace, people need a leader who can bring visionary changes in their life. Corporate storytelling makes it possible to create a strong connection between the leaders and the community.

Stories are a powerful and effective means of connecting with the community. Corporate storytelling is the practice of applying narrative techniques to business practices. You can use it to convey company values, inspire emotion, create motivation, and personal connections with customers, colleagues, or stakeholders. Corporate storytelling can appear in many formats, including advertisements, business proposals, presentations, sales, and blog content. You might use corporate storytelling in marketing to promote brands to customers or discuss product features with stakeholders. It is the capability of telling stories in the corporate field that will make people fall in love with your brand and become your customer. The leading brands know very well how corporate storytelling can help them to build a strong customer base and also increase their target consumer to some great extent. So here we will get to know about this amazing and integral part of brands and businesses.

How storytelling for brands is different from the usual normal storytelling that our grandparents used to tell us? Actually, there is no difference in the basic storytelling style, but the only difference is that corporate storytelling is used to promote a brand or product by infusing them with a total value of money and time. Usually, stories come in the form of text or narration, but nowadays, videos and reels are also getting too much popular and catching the eye balls especially when it comes to SEO. Therefore, companies are relying more on videos as the medium of business storytelling nowadays.

Here we have five essential tips for Corporative Storytelling:

Every corporate story is unique because every organization is unique. However, what organizations have in common is a passion for their own story.  If the story is told from the heart. Is authentic and unique. A perfect business story must have the following qualities:

  • The Story must have a Message:

A message describes the key ideas or themes and, sometimes, the products or services a company offers this is the most important thing that your story must have – an authentic message, If people find out that you can’t deliver as you described in your story, they won’t get interested in it, given in a very simple and interesting language so that the people can understand it without banging their heads. So, this is the must-have attribute in any business story.

  • A Main Character:

Consider creating a main heroic character in your story who your audience can understand and support. Do you remember how much you liked listening to fairy tales in your childhood? Why? Because there was always a hero who rescues the young girl in trouble. Likewise, business stories must have a main protagonist, which can overcome any obstacles on the way, not only to  overcome the obstacles but also provide a solution. If the company fails the consumers to connect themselves with the main character they will lose interest in the brand. So, many companies or brands prefer to show the consumers as their protagonist who crosses all the obstacles to use the product or the brand. It is similar Salman Khan in Thums Up ad. He overcame all the obstacles to grab his bottle of Thums Up.

  1. Be Consistent:

An unplanned brand story leaves customers perplexed and uninterested. Make sure your brand is consistent across all communication media. Use the same colors, logo, and slogan for digital and print marketing materials. The repetition of images and periphrases associated with your business creates brand awareness. It is similar to “Kuch meetha Ho Jaye” campaign. We can easily associate this slogan with Dairy milk Chocolate.

For telling your story naturally, you need to be consistent when speaking about your brand. Business storytelling takes practice. Know the story inside and out before presenting it to customers.

  1. The Main Plot: 

Story weaving won’t be possible without the main plot and the theme. When it comes to business storytelling, it is very important that the business houses must have a strong plot to mesmerize the consumers till the end. These settings can depict a place, time period, or a specific and familiar circumstance. Today, with catchy advertising, it is really difficult to grab people’s attention for a long time through a story because of consumers’ short span of attention and not forgetting that they have a remote in their hands. That’s why the plot should be attractive enough to involve the readers emotionally with the story.

5. Committed to  future developments:

It’s important to let people know you plan to offer more products or services in the future. This alerts people to the fact that the story could have a sequel and they can discover more information about it when they search for the company on the internet or in stores.

So, here you get to know about corporate storytelling and this will help you to build your stories in a way that will captivate your target audience and also help to stretch your reach. Being an entrepreneur, you have to try always to establish yourself to fight hard in the competition. Knowing different types of marketing strategies will help you to establish yourself as a strong business person in the future. Storytelling is one of the best tools to help you to achieve your target.

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