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SamvaadShaalaa - a social enterprise - is an EdTech organization that provides Consultancy and Learning & Development Programs in the COMMUNICATION domain.

We offer self-paced learning modules meticulously designed for the sustainable growth of the people of all age groups.

We are one of its kinds to provide gamut of contemporary courses that are delivered through bilingual (English & Hindi) mode for the 21st century learners.

In sync with the ‘Global Goals’ – the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), all our courses are designed to cater to all the four dimensions of 21st century Life Skills:

Our learners achieve their life goals and sustainable growth through lifelong learning and upskilling themselves in one the most important LIFE SKILLS – COMMUNICATION with self & others - thereby strengthening the cluster of total 10 core life skills:
SamvaadShaalaa is one of its kinds bilingual (English & Hindi) communication platform for all – from novice to niche, from masses to classes.

With our disciplined dedication, dexterity, creativity and innovative communication strategy, we help our learners leverage COMMUNICATION by overcoming all sorts of communication barriers, hesitations and difficulties.

Our highly qualified and experienced instructors offer courses that are in line with the 21st century post-covid times upskilling requirements at different phases of life – educational to professional to personal to social to national to global.

Adapted from UNICEF MENA Conceptual Framework

At the core of our culture and value system, is our incessant commitment to provide our learners with a culturally sensitive, ethically responsible and socio-economically empathetic learning platform.

As per their interest and requirement, our learners choose from a wide variety of our KSA-based (KNOWLEDE – SKILLS – ATTITUDE) courses best suited to their needs at the different stages of life.


To empower learners of all age groups with one the most important life skills - COMMUNICATION - that determines their sustainable growth through ability to COMMUNICATE...CONNECT...COLLABORATE.


To provide learner-centric communication platform that is innovative and local in approach and global in impact.

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