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English Made Easy for Competitive Exams

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Creative Writing & Content Creation Made Easy

Storytelling Made Easy

Podcasting Made Easy

Dress-To-Address(Dressing Sense) Made Easy

Negotiation Skills Made Easy

Inter-generational Communication Made Easy

Career & Employability Courses

  • 86% of employees and executives cite the lack of effective collaboration and communication as the main causes for workplace failures.
  • 28% of employees cite poor communication as the reason for not being able to deliver work on time.
  • Improved internal communication can improve organisational productivity by as much as 25%.
  • 16% of managers would prefer email interactions as they end up feeling uncomfortable.

  • 97% of employees believe communication impacts their task efficacy on a daily basis.
  • Communications barriers could be costing businesses around ₹2,951,717,513,000.00 ($37 billion) a year.
  • When employees are offered better communication technology and skills, productivity can increase by up to 30%.

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Each course covers important details, without being too stretched & lengthy. The major course contents have been structured into multiple modules with video lessons that focus on key areas relevant to the topic, explaining theory, examples, exercises and demonstrations if applicable.

Of course not – it’s never too late (or early) to learn! Every course is suitable for all age groups and you can visit individual course pages for more details.

You can watch your lessons anytime, anywhere, whenever you’d like. You get lifetime validity once you purchase a course. This means you get access to all course material for life! You can even download the downloadable items and watch them without using any data.To make sure you make the most of it, we recommend aiming to finish a course in 2-4 weeks of their prescribed duration. This gives you enough time to absorb all the material and get hands on experience of doing all the exercises and techniques that come with it.

You can access SamvaadShaalaa lessons across devices (mobiles, tablets and laptops) on any compatible web browser. You can also access them on our Android apps.

Broadly there are 3 main benefits of subscribing to /registering with SamvaadShaalaa Community. Firstly, it gives you unlocks your entry into our Free Lifetime Samvaadak Community. It is your space where you can participate in activities, live events, challenges / competitions and WIN Gift Hampers. Secondly, it enables you to get Personalized Feedback on your Body Language & Gait From the renowned Author-Expert. You can register to get authentic feedback (along with corrective measures) on your Body Language and Gait – a predictor of your SUCCESS or STRUGGLE in personal & professional life. Thirdly, it allows you to get access to SamvaadShaalaa Digital Library. It is your space to access our pool of research and industry updates prepared by our faculty & experts. Learn about everything Enhancing your Employability in the 21st Century post Covid era with our e-books, case studies, presentations, blogs and all the amazing things we do and accomplish.

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