NBLPHF: The Secret of Transforming ‘Public Speaking’ into ‘Public Connecting’


In the diverse tapestry of multi-cultural and multi-lingual country like India, a ‘public speaker’ finds an audience not just in a physical congregation but in anyone who lends an ear, a glance, or a moment’s thought across myriad platforms. In other words, a ‘public speaker’ weaves words not just before a live audience in a packed auditorium but also through the lens of a camera, the mic of a podcast, or the written narratives on a blog, reaching out to anyone from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Be it a villager tuning into a radio broadcast in the remote fields of Punjab, a student poring over a transcript in the libraries of Kolkata, or a professional watching a TEDx talk on their device in the bustling streets of Bangalore, the essence of public speaking transcends the mere act of delivery.

Public speaking is actually an art where the true resonance is not just in the eloquence of speech but in the ability to forge a connection, evoke a response, and leave a lasting imprint – IMPACT CREATION – through the synergy of words complemented with supporting gestures that speak directly to the heart.

Have you ever wondered what makes a public speaker truly captivating? 🤔


Imagine stepping onto a stage, the spotlight hits, and all eyes are on you. You’re about to give a speech, and while the butterflies in your stomach are doing somersaults, you remember the NBLPHF framework developed by Prof (Dr) Shalini Verma. This golden nugget is your secret weapon to nail public speaking. It is a game-changer in the world of public speaking. This framework encompasses Name, Body Language, Place of Origin, Humour, and Failure. Each element plays a pivotal role in making your speech not just heard but deeply felt and remembered by your audience.

  1. Name: Your NAME is the first step in breaking down the walls between you and your listeners/readers/viewers. Starting with the ‘N’ in NBLPHF, your Name is more than just a label; it’s your identity. Mentioning your name with a little backstory can instantly warm up the audience to you. Think of it as giving a personal invite to your listeners into your world. When you introduce yourself, you’re not just sharing your name; you’re giving your audience the key to connect with you on a personal level. It’s like saying, “Hey, we’re about to go on this journey together, and here’s how you can call me.”
  1. Body Language: Your body speaks volumes about you, your attitude, your upbringing, your social-economic-educational background without you even uttering a single word! Your posture, gestures, and facial expressions can convey confidence, enthusiasm, and sincerity. Your confident stance, a warm smile, and open gestures invite your audience in, making them feel connected and engaged. It’s the visual harmony to your verbal melody. It’s like your body is telling its own captivating story alongside your words. By consciously using your body language, you can enhance your message and make it more digestible. After all, actions can sometimes speak louder than words, right?
  1. Place of Origin: It’s not just about geography; it’s about the experiences, culture, and journey that shaped you. Your Place of Origin ties you to a culture, a set of traditions, and a unique perspective. Sharing where you’re from invites your audience into your world. It adds layers to your narrative, making your speech rich with context and relatability. It’s akin to adding a pinch of salt to a dish; it brings out the flavours, making the experience more enjoyable for your listeners/readers/viewers. Imagine sharing a quirky tradition from your hometown – it’s like a window into your world.
  1. Humour: Humour is the universal solvent that can dissolve barriers and tension in any room. Humour is a powerful tool to break the ice and keep your audience hooked. It doesn’t mean you have to be a stand-up comedian, but a light-hearted joke or a witty observation can make your speech more enjoyable and memorable. It’s like seasoning your presentation with a sprinkle of joy. Injecting humour into your speech not only keeps your audience engaged but also makes you more likable and relatable. It’s a gentle reminder that while the topic might be serious, the journey need not be sombre. Laughter is a powerful tool that can make your message stick.
  1. Failure: Yes, you read that right. Sharing your failures, setbacks, or challenges makes you human and relatable. Talking about Failure might seem counter-intuitive in a world that celebrates success. But, sharing your failures humanizes you. It tells your audience, “I’ve been there too, and it’s okay.” It’s about being vulnerable and showing that it’s okay to fall and get back up. This ‘vulnerability’ that you bare open before your audience fosters a deep connection and offers invaluable lessons wrapped in the comforting blanket of shared experiences. It’s a testament to resilience and the courage to move forward, which can be incredibly inspiring.

Incorporating the NBLPHF elements into your public speaking can transform your presentation from a monologue to a dialogue, from a speech to a story shared among friends. It’s about weaving a narrative that resonates deeply with your listeners, making your message memorable and impactful. Remember, the goal is not just to speak but to connect, not just to inform but to inspire.

Hence, it the time to BREAK the MYTH that in order to become an effective ‘public speaking’, one has to have fabulous English Language Speaking skills. As ‘public speaking’ is not merely the eloquence of a speaker like Shashi Tharoor, who would mesmerize the Lok Sabha, but also the heartfelt appeal of a Sudha Murthy, whose stories echo in the hearts of readers and listeners, that exemplify ‘public speaking’. This art transcends beyond oratory prowess; it’s about the ripple of impact that one’s words and gestures create, connecting deeply with every individual in the ‘public’, be it through a screen, a page, or in person, forging a bond that goes beyond words.

So, the next time you’re preparing for a public speaking engagement, think of NBLPHF as your compass. They’re not just letters; they’re your bridge to touching hearts and minds, making your speech not just effective but truly unforgettable. Incorporating the NBLPHF framework into your public speaking endeavours isn’t just about delivering a speech; it’s about creating an experience, a connection that goes beyond words. It makes your message not just ‘heard’ but FELT and REMEMBERED.

NBLPHF not just a framework; it’s a journey towards creating more meaningful, engaging, and unforgettable speeches. Let’s turn those public speaking jitters into a performance that’s authentically you and absolutely stellar.

Happy speaking! 🎤


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