Even Animals communicate and we are humans

Dog empathising with human

I shall start with an incident that happened recently at a community meeting of our flat owners. While we were discussing the various issues about the maintenance perspective, the secretary of the flat-owners association, who is a veteran lady, spotted another lady seated with gloom in her face. Very compassionately she asked her “Savitri, how are you now? What has happened?” At this, the old lady, Savitri burst into tears and started whimpering. She felt so chocked that she was unable to speak. Now the secretary has a pet dog, an Alsatian called Jimmy. While other members were sitting dumbstruck, Jimmy ran to Savitri and first sat near her feet.

Lifting his head above the dog started crying and howling. All could see the tears trickling down from Jimmy’s cheeks. After a while when Savitri got a little bit calmer, Jimmy lifted him up and wiped off the tears from her cheek with the two fore paws and then sat quietly near her feet for some time. Time passed by and Savitri related about the misbehaviour of her only son and how she had to put up alone these days. The flat owners who were still now unaware of the situation knew about the genuine problem and decided to help Savitri whenever she needed them. So, a dog had done the wonder. It spotted out and empathised with an unhappy mother more when human brains were hesitant or unaware to reach out.

How did this magic happen? How does the wonderful bonding between human and dogs go. Did the dog communicate first to Savitri or was it something else. Human beings release chemicals in significant amount when they pass through any emotional state. These Odours have been named by various scientists but few research but few research have been done on this subject so far. However, it is evident that the dogs get to know the chemical odours releasing from sad feelings as well from other feelings like happiness.

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For those who have been too silenced by the experiences of life, here is a small mind-changing sermon. Even though you think you have stopped communicating, your silence speaks a lot about you. However too much of silence is a passive-aggressive form of communication. If you hold on to this style for too long, the world around will only be passively interested in you. So communicate because even the tiniest insects or animals communicate because they have their own form of communications.

When we say that animals communicate, we mean the two major types of communication that they create – The interspecies and the intraspecies communication. What are these types?

Well interspecies mean the communication in between different types of animals Man being at the highest range and the minutest insects at the minor range signalling of situations or situational changes that are for the observers to decipher.

Intraspecies communication is between a particular type of animal or insect and it happens in between them only though observing these communications human scientists have been able to decipher many important traits of their behaviour.

A story that goes round for interspecies communication is a better one to understand what it is. One May morning a young hunter of British India went to a jungle that is now in the present Uttarakhand of India. The British boy was a teenager, but he took with him a veteran hunter of the village who was knowledgeable on the language of the jungle.

At first their day went well. They shoot some jungle fowls and pack those. (That time the forest reservation laws were not imposed. Now you better not do it). But suddenly they noticed something.

The chirping of the birds has become totally silent. There was total silence around as if they have entered a dead land. Sometimes passed like this when suddenly they felt hurt by some twigs hurled at them. Looking above they saw some monkeys breaking the twigs of the trees and hurling down. From the side came a rushing sound and soon they saw Deers running at their highest speed. The old man gasped and said “Climb the tallest tree fast. No words please”. The young boy was prudent to listen to the old, village guide and soon they were on the crest of two tall trees. A few minutes have passed this way and soon…. Lo! What did they see? “Tiger, tiger burning bright. In the jungle of the morning” So that they two precious human lives were saved because of the strong interspecies communication.

From An Art piece depicting communication in nature

Now citing the example of the minutest intra-species communication. Have you ever watched a trail of ant coming from a hole and going towards a large lump of food in a single trail line? How is the ant at the far end of the hole knowing where to come and search for? Do you know that every year the ants of the world consume more foods than lions, tigers and wolves combined? Please watch “ Ants – Secret of their communication revealed” by wocomoWILDLIFE.

Link given above. The magnificent intraspecies communication is sure to leave you spell bound and tell you the success story behind the victory of these little insects.

From How Ants communicate

So, communicate well. Whether you are willing or not, the basis of the existence of this world is artful communication. The better you understand the communication nuances, the more effective and fruitful is your life.

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