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Voices Across Borders: The Communication Legacy of Nalanda University

“When India says ‘One Earth, One Family, and One Future’, the world stands with it.”  – Narendra Modi, Prime Minister   In a significant move to revive an ancient centre of learning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new campus …


Beyond Recruitment Conversation

GDs as a Reflection of Professionalism, Team Playing & Leadership Skills in Indian Job Prospects Group Discussion (GD) is a pivotal component in the Indian recruitment and educational landscape, serving as a mirror to a candidate’s professional and interpersonal capabilities. …


Samira’s TED Journey of ‘Public Speaking’ From Humble Beginnings to Global Stage

This is a story of Samira and her TED Speaker Journey. It is tale of a woman who transformed her deepest fear into her greatest strength, propelling her onto a stage that would echo her voice across the globe. This …


NBLPHF: The Secret of Transforming ‘Public Speaking’ into ‘Public Connecting’

In the diverse tapestry of multi-cultural and multi-lingual country like India, a ‘public speaker’ finds an audience not just in a physical congregation but in anyone who lends an ear, a glance, or a moment’s thought across myriad platforms. In …